The basics

So what to say. I’ve been contemplating a blog for a while. What for well an outlet first of all. Second maybe I just want to rant and complain to all the listening ears I have. I did have a new years resolution to be more creative or immerse myself in art. I did take a zentangle class and that was fun but I haven’t done anymore since and I’m not doing much else. Writing would be a challenge since I must put this out there I have no sense of grammar. Like seriously what is the purpose of a semicolon or even a comma?

With that out-of-the-way I am a very detail and task oriented person I do everything for a reason and like to reach goals. The biggest goal I have reached personally is my weight loss. I have lost close to 70 pounds! It was by far the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done in my entire life. I absolutely love to encourage others who are working out or trying to get healthy and sometimes it makes me emotional. The big thing that makes me emotional is running I remember one of my races I did the first year I started running I ran by someone’s house I know who was very encouraging to me and I was crying behind my sunglasses (side note I love sunglasses I just recently broke a favorite pair and am missing another but I love them!!). I knew how proud of me she was and now that she is passed away it means even more to me to make her proud. I have also come very far from where I started with running when I started I had a pretty good 15 minute mile I have now shattered that with my fastest mile of 9:22. I suck at running but it is by far the hardest thing I do (breathing is a pain) but I can’t seem to stop.

You should also know I am a Christian since getting healthy I started a routine where I would read a devotional every morning while eating my morning breakfast. I always find a devotional that is relevant to my life and what I am going through at that time and it is amazing what God can give you when you need it. One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 12:25 “Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.” This has been my mantra ever since I started last year. With that said I had a resolution last year to write a hand written note to some one different every month. Not only did I accomplish this but it seems I wrote all the right people at just the right time I basically just told them I like them and how much they mean to me and every single person gave me a hug and said thank you I know a few of them kept the note and saved it somewhere special. I mean why is it so hard for us to tell people you like them and that they are cool? I decided to let them know. Bottom line I am all about lifting others up and encouraging others. Just recently we had an overweight couple start coming into the Y where I workout and I just wanted to tell them hey keep it up you can do it and I got teary eyed. I am so passionate about not only weight loss but also encouraging it makes me cry.

I also thought a fun purpose of a blog would be to share books I am reading and my opinions on them what I’m learning from them and just my general thoughts. I absolutely love reading one year I read 100 books! I am extremely slacking this year but I am working on it!

I think I have covered the main bases of Diana bullet points should include:

  • Goal oriented
  • Likes working out
  • Tries to be creative
  • Likes to run even though she is bad
  • Loves sunglasses
  • Likes to encourage
  • Enjoys reading
  • Can be easily won over with ice cream (ok that wasn’t anywhere in there but it is true)
  • Oh I have a bestie who is 4 years old she my foster niece I will talk about her some other day she is the best half of me I think.



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