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So I’m gonna brag a little.

Today I competed in my third 5k this month. Completely honest, I didn’t train for a single one, but for every single one, I had a pretty good time. Today however, I not only set a personal record; I was the first female finisher! I couldn’t believe it!

When I started, my first 5k was 44:22. I will always remember that number and what it means to me… Today I finished at 30:35. That means I took nearly 14 minutes off from the beginning, two and half years ago! I never imagined I would be this fast, let alone the first female to finish! How did this happen to me?

Yes, I know I work my butt off in the gym and I try to eat right most of the time, but wow!

And of course I have such an amazing support system of friends that push me, believe in me, and see me as stronger than I see myself.

Despite all my excitement, the biggest disappointment was that there were no medals. So all I can have is bragging rights that people will just have to believe, but you know what? I think I have proven who I am, where I can go, and of course, I can only go up from here.

2016 so far has been pretty good to me. I’ve done a bench press competition, five 5k runs (plenty more planned too!), and I’m getting tons stronger.


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